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Are you organising a virtual event, an online festival, an online symposium, an e-festival, or an online congress with a lot of speakers/trainers? We offer a proven complete plug-and-play solution for your online congress or online festival with everything you need - integrated into your own website. No need to develop or fix anything for your event, we've got your back. You can organise an online event without breaking the bank to pay us. Sit back and relax!

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Organisational details that save you time

A big thank you from me, the organizing team, tech support team and members of NVC community in Romania for this great platform, preparatory meetings, manuals and instructions and for your prompt, patient and continuous support!

Additional assistance

Our current platform has internationally hosted online multi-day events with up to 10.000 simultaneous visitors. So far we hosted more than 11 festivals. For examples, please take a look at:

For a real life example, a classroom demo, more information and prices, please contact us at the e-mailaddress below.